The I'M A SAFETY KID PROGRAM© is a very unique opportunity to be part of a new and exciting way to learn, share and educate child safety education.

SAFETYKIDS©, is managed by the Arizona Crime Prevention Association, Inc. (ACPA). A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. ACPA is a leader in developing initiatives, programs and campaigns to educate law enforcement and the community in crime prevention. It is our goal to provide this program at the lowest cost possible, so that, it is affordable to everyone. With that in mind, we are providing the I'M A SAFETY KID© PROGRAM as a subscription*.

$149 $119 ONLY .11 cents a day!
See online store for discount. Subscription period is 3-years from date of purchase.
*Review Safety Kids Terms of Use HERE  

A SUBSCRIPTION will include:
Safety Kids Curriculum in download format:
Click HERE for a sample of available content!
  • Individual grade level teaching kits [The concepts are fundamentally the same from K-5. However, they are presented in an age-appropriate manner and use different main posters and activities in each grade.]
  • User-friendly instructor manual
  • List of optional training props (props not included)           
  • Program songs
  • Program posters
  • Activity books
  • Artwork
  • Subscribers Only Access to online materials 24/7
  • Free program updates
  • Newsletters
  • New programs and curriculums for free [During the subscription period]
  • Fun stuff, activities and follow-up materials

Subscription period is 3-years from date of Registration/Purchase.

    *Review Safety Kids Terms of Use HERE