Most of the crimes against children are committed by someone the child knows!

The concept of “Stranger Danger” is ineffective!!!

Who do you consider to be a stranger to your child? A neighbor your child sees frequently but does not know well? The school bus driver? A mom of one of the kids at school?

It is best NOT to teach your child about “strangers.” Instead, teach them to judge the entire situation and make smart choices.

Children are not always able to accurately discern a safe person or a safe situation, so they need to think and act carefully in order to remain safe.

One sure way to do this is to follow a simple safety slogan: Check First. They should Check First with the adult who is in charge of them at the time, and avoid the possibility of making the wrong decision.

Check First before you go anywhere with anyone
(for any reason at any time).

The concept of checking first is a procedure that takes place naturally in many different ways. However, it is imperative that children be instructed to specifically use this technique in their daily lives. Children need to constantly make decisions: many are insignificant, yet others may be potentially harmful. The Check First technique is a valuable step in the process of learning how to make safe decisions. It will help keep them safe if they are ever in a situation of possible harm.

If you cannot check, the answer is NO!

There are many lures that are used to convince children to do something. Lures of a lost pet, friendliness, emergency, need for assistance, quick money, and authority are a few of the main ones. The Check First procedure is effective against these lures.

  • Check First before you take candy, food, toys, etc., from anyone.
  • Check First before you accept bribes or offers of quick money (for unloading a truck, modeling, running errands, etc.).
  • Check First before you get in a car or go with anyone, even someone you think you know.

The beauty of this concept is that it is simple, yet powerful, and easily applies to so many aspects of a child’s life!

If there is a time when the Check First method is not feasible, children need to evaluate the entire situation and rely upon their gut feeling. They need to Think, Judge, and Act wisely. However, in most situations, the Check First rule is the best safety tip to follow.

This safety technique works! Charlie Check-First helps children remember this very basic and very essential safety concept.

Be a Safety Kid!

This is not a fearful approach. It does not teach children to be paranoid or to distrust people, especially those the child knows. The program reminds children that most of the world is good, kind, and helpful!

Fourteen major topics are taught using three mascots:

Charlie Check-First teaches:

"Check First before you go anywhere with anyone."

KC Koala reminds kids:
"Kind and Caring is the Way to Be!"

Ima S.T.A.R. says:
"Stand Together,
Act Responsibly!"