The Be a Safety Kid curriculum utilizes fun and memorable characters to help children associate the safety lessons in each core unit:

Charlie Check-First

"Check First before you go anywhere with anyone!"

This unit covers:

Lures, safety person/safety house, home alone skills, buddy system, emergencies, the Power No for [for dares, pressures, drugs, weapons, not OK Touch and not OK Talk].

KC Koala

"Kind and Caring is the Way to Be!

This unit covers:

Self esteem and tolerance; conflict resolution, and bullying.

Ima S.T.A.R.

"I'm a STAR. I'm a Responsible Reporter."

The S.T.A.R. curriculum addresses Responsible Reporting:

This unit is designed to change the mindset of "snitching" and to teach kids to report information that is unsafe, illegal, or wrong.