Safety Kids, Inc. (S.K.I.) was founded in 1998 to work hand-in-hand with children, parents, law enforcement, and teachers to protect children from abuse, abduction, exploitation, violence, and injury through victimization.

Diane L. Brown, founder of Safety Kids, Inc., has worked on the issue of personal safety for children since 1982. She is a certified International Crime Prevention Specialist through the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners. After teaching elementary education for seven years, she created Friends of Child Find, Inc. in Pennsylvania to address the issue of missing children. She has taught personal safety to hundreds of thousands of children and adults, has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, and also worked with Sesame Street Live and the Harlem Globetrotters to present child safety programs. In 1998 she created Safety Kids, Inc. to broaden the scope of child safety and include topics such as abuse, exploitation, and violence.

In 2013, Diane Brown retired after a long career of child safety education. In searching for another to carry the torch, she ultimately decided to pass on the Safety Kids. Inc. program to the Arizona Crime Prevention Association (ACPA).
The Arizona Crime Prevention Association, Inc. (ACPA) was created in 1977 by crime prevention officers, civilian employees, volunteers, and members of security and loss prevention industries, dedicated to the promotion of Crime Prevention Awareness throughout the state of Arizona. 
Our mission is to focus attention on local, state and regional issues related to crime prevention and provide a forum for the exchange, coordination and teaching of ideas, concepts and programs pertaining to the reduction of crime.

You can learn more about us and our programs at: http://www.acpa.net/