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How can businesses help keep the community safe???

Don't just have a "location" in the community---have a "presence"!

Make your business known as one that cares about the safety of the community!!

  1. Support the S.T.A.R. project! Put posters in your business, at locations where kids hang out, near bus stops, anywhere they can be seen. Let everyone know that you support Responsible Reporting. Individuals should call 9-1-1 or another designated number to report things that are unsafe, illegal, or wrong. This does NOT cost anything!
  2. Sponsor an Instructor Certification class in your community. Provide the training necessary for law enforcement, educators, and others who work with children. You receive publicity as being supportive of efforts to provide protection and safety for your children and the entire community.
  3. Donate printing or money to support the Be a Safety Kid or S.T.A.R. programs in your local schools. Have your business name printed on the Activity Books, on handouts that go home to the parent, on posters.
  4. Donate supplies or money for the local law enforcement to use in teaching the Be a Safety Kid or S.T.A.R. programs in your schools.
  5. Contact Safety Kids, Inc. for more ideas and details.
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